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Road Paving Schedule

Updated 9/12/2018 @ 3:10pm

The following are the revised dates and schedules:


Friday 9/15 - Milling to occur on South Wynde Drive, Longview Trail, Casterline Road and Mabro Drive.

Monday 9/17 - Completion of milling on Casterline Road and Mabro Drive (due to length, may spill over into Monday, if needed).

Tuesday 9/18 - Paving of Hussa Place, Filbert Trail, Orange Trail, Longview Trail.

Wednesday 9/20 - Paving Longview Trail, Chestnut Hill Drive, Southwynde Drive, Franklin Road and Estling Lake Road.

Thursday 9/21 - Paving of Casterline Road and Mabro Drive

Friday 9/22 -- Paving of Casterline Road and Mabro Drive(if needed)


Please note these schedules are weather dependent and may be revised in the event of further inclement weather.