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Edited 12/14/2020


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Non-Residential Recycling Initiative       Non-Residential Inspection/Checklist  

Denville Recycling Regulations

Information For Residents

Recycling Pickup Schedule in our Form Center

Guidelines for Proper Preparation/Recycle of Shredded Paper


Download these generic posters or contact for format changes.

 There are many ways for households to recycle in New Jersey. The primary way to recycle is through your municipal curbside recycling collection (the collection of recyclable materials picked up from the curb outside your home), run by either the county or the town where you live.

Recycling plays a valuable role in the waste management hierarchy.

  • Reducing the amount and/or toxicity of waste at its source.   Source Reduction

  • Reuse
    Using materials in the same function for which they were originally produced. Examples:  washing silverware instead of throwing away plastic utensils or donating clothes to charity. 
  • Recycling
    Processing a material so that it may be used again as a raw material for a product, which may or may nor be similar to the original product.  Example:  recycling plastic bottles into new bottles or plastic lumber.
  • Incineration
    Burning waste creates energy and reduces the volume of waste.  May produce harmful side effects such as air pollution and ash that must also be disposed of.
  • Landfilling
    Sandwiching materials between layers of soil and other barriers to prevent contaminants from leaking into groundwater or being discharged into the air.




Metal food cans, lids / caps, clean aluminum foil / pie plates / trays

Glass bottles / jars  (empty & remove lids)

Plastics: #1, # 2, #5

Cartons: milk, fruit juices, soupm etc...  (go into plastics)

Loose metal jar lids / caps            

Chipboard boxes: cereal, pasta, tissue, etc...

Newspapers (not in bags, do not tie)

Phone books / Magazines

Junk mail / miscellaneous uncoated paper

Corrugated cardboard & paper bags (flattened), clean pizza boxes 

Paper towel & toilet paper rolls, wrapping paper without metallic foil

Paperback books                                



Hardcover books / shredded paper

Scrap metal, wire hangers, cook ware  (bring to Recycling Center) 

VHS/VSR tapes, CD / DVD'S

Plastic bags / film wraps

Needles / syringes 

Electronic waste, cell phones, rechargeable batteries (bring to Recycling Center)

Food or liquids

Sticker / address label sheet waste      

Waxed paper / cardboard 

Window panes / mirrors / ceramics / pyrex

Plastics not listed above


Paper to-go containers

Flower pots, spray pumps / nozzles, straws / stirrers


Hazardous waste




What happens to your recyclables  - Videos

Zero-Sort® Recycling

Waste Management

Curbside Programs in New Jersey          

NJ Recyling towns        



Morris County Municipal Utilities Authority                    

Main Site       

Mandatory Material

Morris County E waste Brochure

Morris County MUAF.A.Q. Electroncis (E-Waste)


Alternate recycling outlets

NJ Electronic Recycling

NJ E Waste 

Curbside Program - Denville, NJ

Visit Township of Denville home page


Click on the topics below for more information about curbside recycling.





EVERYONE – Recycling is mandatory

New Jersey Regulation




"Denville residential curbside single stream program 
– note mandatory and additional items - Single Stream Flyer"

Morris County Mandatory items

Township of Denville

Types of plastics

American Chemistry Council




Denville’s Recycle Depot

Recycle containers             
Township of Denville, Private Business, multifamily, school programs



            Recycling should become part of everyday live – practice the 3R’s of recycling





            2012 Recycling Schedule

            Recycling and Garbage Pickup Days (by Street Name)



Recycling is MANDATORY in Denville

Comply with the law, help the environment and save valuable resources.

For questions not addressed below, please contact Municipal Recycling Coordinator                



Frequently Asked Questions




Q. How can I begin participating in the curbside recycling program?

A. Curbside recycling collection is determined by many factors, including the population of an area and cost to provide service to those residents. 

See Denville’s Pickup schedule – use drop down list






Q. Why can't apartments or townhouses receive curbside collection?

A. Curbside service is generally provided to single family homes, and selective multifamiliy complexes. Townhome and most multi family complexes are considered private property.






Q. I live in an apartment/townhouse complex- how can I recycle?

A. Go to Multi family recycling section for information. Property owners via their management must offer recycling program and be able to demonstrate program is active and effective.






Q. My school/small business wants to recycle- can you help?

A. Go to School recycling section for information.






Q. What Color bins/containers should I use?

 A.  Township of Denville is suggesting coordination of colors:

  blue bins – recycling                                       Gray bins  - trash






Q. My house doesn’t have a bin- how do I get one? - My bin is broken/damaged- can I have another one?

A. Contact the Department of Public Works 973-625-8334





Q. What labels should be put on containers

A. Residents can obtain free labels by contacting Morris County MUA

Correct and accurate labeling of containers will increase recycling and improve pickup logistics.

Recycle posters are available:  Grey Bin  Blue Bin download these generic posters or contact

Please note: Morris County and Denville will be instituting single stream recycling late summer 2011. Labeling will aid in identification of material contents but material will be placed in single collection vehicle.






Q. I will be moving soon.  Does my new house have curbside recycling?

A. Refer to Denville pickup schedule for any street located in Denville. Contact your towns Municipal Recycling Coordinator or visit your State’s and County’s recycling web page for information. 





Q. Can I have another bin?  What do I do with the recyclables that won’t fit inside my bin?

A. Contact the Department of Public Works 973-625-8334 






Q. What do I do if my recycling isn’t collected on the scheduled day?

A. Denville has over 5000 households. Your bin must be at the curb by 7 am on your normal collection day. Collection begins at 7:00 am and may into late afternoon.  Please be patient if the drivers drive past your home.  Collection often occurs at different times for each side of the street. 
If you are missed, contact Denville DPW and we will address the situation. If you are calling after business hours, leave a message and your request will be processed the next business day.






Q. I seem to be the only one on my street that recycles.  How can I encourage my neighbors to recycle?

A. All homes eligible for curbside recycling service, Township of Denville encourages all residents to comply with the law. Recycling of proper material reduces the trash that must go to landfill – thereby saving all residents both money and resources.

Denville sends annual mailing of the Curbside Recycling Program Schedule. Several additions of the Denville Hub Times publish the curbside schedule. There is link on web site via street drop down listing. 

One of the challenges for recycling is getting in the habit of throwing a recyclable in the recycle bin instead of the trash can. Be sure to ask yourself before you throw anything away "can this be recycled"? Pass the word to your neighbor that all residents save on taxes the more we recycle.






Q. Can I get decals for my containers?

A. Yes – free stickers are available

Recycle posters are available:  Grey Bin  Blue Bin download these generic posters or contact






Q. Can I recycle any plastics other than narrow neck plastic bottles?

A. Presently, Township of Denville residential recycling provider accept plastic bottles with a number 1,2,4,5,7 inside a recycling symbol on the bottom. All plastic containers (shapes, sizes) with number 1,2,4,5.7 are acceptable.  Examples of these plastics include soda bottles, milk jugs, shampoo bottles, and laundry detergent bottles.  See single stream recycling Flyer .....  Single Stream Flyer

See following link for description of types of plastics and their most common uses.

Wikipedia plastic information

American Chemical Scoiety information 






Q. Do I have to rinse out my food and beverage containers?

A. Yes --  This prevents your recyclables from smelling or attracting rodents and insects.  Rinsing also maintains the value of the recyclable material.






Q. Where/How can I properly dispose of or recycle things not included in the curbside recycling program?

A. Township of Denville Recycle Depot, located at 140 Morris Avenue, Denville, NJ  07834
will accept a larger variety of material. Contact them for details Tel: 973-625-8334. 

Township of Denville Recycling Depot







Q. Can I recycle shredded paper with my other curbside recycling items?

 A.  As consumers become more concerned with the security of personal information, including social security numbers, financial information and account numbers, greater numbers of people are investing in personal or   home shredders to reduce the risk of trashed or recycled documents being used by criminals against them. 

While shredded paper is recyclable, it poses certain problems in the recycling program.  Curbside shredded paper poses problems if collected in poor, windy weather. Place shredder paper in clear plastic bags for normal curbside pickup. Denville Recycle Depot will also accept loose shredded paper at 140 Morris Ave, Denville, NJ.