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Edited 1-27-2012


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Denville Recycling Regulations

Multifamily Recycling

Recycle posters are available: Grey Bin      Blue Bin

Download these generic posters or contact for format changes

Multifamily dwellings must be able to demonstrate to the Township Municipal Recycling Coordinator that their recycling program is active, current and effective. Non-compliance carries an initial Township of Denville penalty of $ 250 and higher penalties may be assessed by the county recycling office and NJDEP. 

See enforcement section………………..

Comply with the law, help the environment and save your company money.

Recycling is MANDATORY in Denville

Important Notice: On April 28, 2008, the Denville Township Council adopted and the Mayor signed an ordinance, as required by the State and County, making recycling mandatory in Denville Township.

It is against the law to mix recyclables with trash. Violators of this law will not have their trash picked up and may be subject to a fine.

 Denville Township Recycling Ordinance #6-08:A warning for not properly recycling will be issued for any first offense. For any subsequent offense, a fine of at least $250 and not more than $1000 will be issued to the offender for each time they do not follow the law.

According to Denville Township's Municipal Ordinance and State Law, all residents, businesses, and institutions are required to recycle. Owner, operator, or manager of a business, institution or multi-family dwelling, must ensure that a recycling program is in place. 

The Township of Denville has a list of over 1000 businesses which includes property owner and tenant information. 

Owner, operator or manager of a business, institution, office complex, hotel, school and multi-family dwellings must ensure that a recycling program is in place.

Commercial establishments are required to submit annual recycling plans and or vendor contracts by January 15 of each year. See our forms Center for example of recycling plan. Report must be sent to:

Denville Department of Public Works, 140 Morris Ave, Denville, NJ 07834.

Each business, institution, office complex, hotel, school and multi-family dwellings is required to complete a recycling tonnage report on or before March 1st of each year. See our Forms Center for example of recycling plan. Report must be sent to:

Denville Department of Public Works, 140 Morris Ave, Denville, NJ 07834.


EPA Multifamily Recycling

EPA multifamily national study 


Examples of Multifamily programs


City of St. Paul



Be sure to include new tenants and existing tenants in the program via a written agreement.

Sample Lease Agreement in our Forms Center

Below is customizable sample language addressing the building’s recycling program, indoor bin deposit and move in/out requirements to include in your lease agreements.

Note: Before including this sample language in your building’s lease agreement, customize the items in BOLD.



Garbage & Recycling Collection:

1. (BUILDING NAME) has an active recycling program that all tenants are strongly encouraged to participate in. Recycling protects the environment, helps keep our building clean and attractive, and reduces our disposal costs.

2. Recycling (DUMPSTERS/CARTS) are located next to or near the garbage containers. Only recyclable materials may be placed into the recycling containers. A list of recyclable materials is made available to each tenant upon move-in and can also be found on each recycling (DUMPSTER/CART). Additional lists are available from the manager.

3. Consult New Jersey DEP, Morris County MUA and Township of Denville web sites for recycling information.


4. MOVE-IN AND MOVE-OUT: When moving in or out, the tenant must:

a. Place all recyclable materials in the recycling containers. Large cardboard boxes must be broken down, flattened and placed next to the recycling containers.

b. Take all bulky items (mattresses, couches, TV’s, etc.) to a local reuse store or contact your building manager for information.

Properly dispose of unwanted electronics and household hazardous waste (paint, batteries, cleaning supplies, car batteries, fluorescent lights, etc.) at the local Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Collection Facility.


Detailed information is available from the building manager.


NEW RESIDENT: Please initial and sign where indicated:


I have been given educational materials that explain what materials must be sorted from my garbage and recycled____(initial)


I have been shown the building’s recycling & garbage area _____(initial)




Tenant’s signature