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Denville Township
Office of Emergency Management


Identifying hazards and assessing their potential risk to the community.

Determining the community’s capability to mitigate against, prepare for, respond to, and recover from major emergencies.

Identifying and employing methods to improve the community’s emergency management capability through efficient use of resources, improved coordination, and cooperation with other communities and with the State and Federal governments.

Establishing mitigation measures such as building codes, zoning ordinances, or land-use management programs.

Developing and coordinating preparedness plans.

Establishing warning systems.

Stocking emergency supplies and equipment.

Educating the public and training emergency personnel.

Assessing damage caused by the emergency.

Activating response plans and rescue operations.

Ensuring that shelter and medical assistance are provided.

Recovering from the emergency and helping citizens return to normal life as soon as  possible.

contact the Denville Office of Emergency Management
Contact info:  Wesley Sharples (973)727-8540