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Gardner Field Playground Renovation Project

 The decision was made due to what appeared to be a lack of interest from the community to volunteer to raise funds to purchase the new equipment.

After hearing the public comments that surfaced after the aforementioned comment was made, I wanted to provide additional information about the project and dispel some of the misinformation that might have been circulating related to the playground. The current playground at Gardner Field was built approximately twenty years ago in 1996. No tax dollars were allocated for the purchase or construction of the playground as more than $150,000 was generated thru fund raisers and the playground was installed in one weekend by over 325 volunteers. At the present time, due to the adverse impact such a project could have on the local property tax rate, the Township is not currently in a position to spend the $250,000 necessary to replace the playground.

In an effort to notify the public and recruit fundraising volunteers, the Recreation Committee had installed a banner at the playground for two months, created an e-mail list, announced the meeting on the Township website and at many of their meetings. However, despite the efforts, on each occasion only a handful of volunteers attended the meeting. It was due to this seeming lack of interest that the project was suspended.

However, since the announcement last week, there appears to be now some interest from the community to volunteer for what I can assure you will be a very special experience. If would like to see the playground renovated and are willing to volunteer on the Fund Raising Committee, please e-mail your name and preferred contact information to If enough people respond enabling us to form a viable fund raising committee, I will be delighted to ask the Recreation Committee to reinstate the project.

Tom Andes