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The sole exception is that LEO 1-2021, which waives zoning requirements for qualifying retail food establishment to operate outside and in public streets, will remain in effect.
The Township’s ability to revoke the balance of the local emergency orders is directly attributable to the vigilance of local Denville residents in obtaining COVID-19 vaccinations. I was very proud to see that Denville Township ranks among the top-10 municipalities in the State of New Jersey in the percentage of its eligible residents who are fully-vaccinated. This includes in excess of 80% of those senior residents, who are age 65 and older and who we have all learned are the most vulnerable to the most severe effects of the virus.
Despite the revocation of the local emergency orders, we strongly encourage all eligible residents to follow common sense health guidelines as issued by the CDC and NJ Department of Health. Furthermore, be kind to and mindful of the comfort levels of other residents you may encounter, as none of us can truly know the personal and/or health situation of others or their vulnerable loved ones. Athough I respect an individual freedom of choice to be vaccinated or not, I do encourage all eligible residents who are or may become eligible for the vaccine, and have not yet done so, to get vaccinated.
The COVID-19 pandemic has affected us all, disrupted our lives during the past 15 months and for all too many, taken a loved one from us too soon. However, due to our community’s vigilance and the extremely low new COVID-19 infection rate, I look forward to a return to normalcy, as I know we all do.
Please note that some of the events originally planned for this summer have been delayed. These delays were related to scheduling decisions that needed to be made as early as January or February 2021, when it was still unclear as to the trajectory of the pandemic. For this reason, the Fireman’s Carnival, Joey Bella, the Rotary Street Festival and even the 4th of July fireworks had to be postponed. However, as it is clear that it will be safe to host these events, most were rescheduled for September 2021, which should be a spectacular month of events in Denville. Furthermore, with everyone’s continued vigilance, we should return to a normal schedule of events in 2022. As Memorial Day is just one week away, please take a moment to remember our fallen veterans, and take the opportunity to thank our veteran’s for their dedicated service to our great Country.
Thank you all for coming together during the past year. As with all adverse events that occur in Denville, the community inevitably comes out stronger and more tightly knit together.
Be well and be safe,
Mayor Thomas W. Andes