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Mandatory Water restriction

The restrictions have become necessary to help ensure the Township has sufficient water to meet more critical indoor water use and firefighting needs as the current seasonal peak demands upon our water system is severely straining our public wells and public water storage capacities. Based upon previous experience, the following restrictions will remain in place until September 15, 2020 unless otherwise extended.


1.      Customers of the Denville Water Utility may only water their lawn between the hours of midnight and 5:00 A.M. If you have an automatic irrigation system, please set your irrigation system to only water during the hours listed above on the days that correspond to your address.

2.      For residents who water their lawns manually with a hose or a sprinkler attached to a hose, you may only water between the hours of 11 A.M. to midnight on odd or even days based on the address of your house.

3.      Residents are prohibited from washing their automobiles, equipment or performing other high volume outdoor water usage except on odd or even days based on the address of your house.


Residents who recently planted sod, are exempted from the above requirements for a period of ten (10) days after planting. Watering of shrubs, flowers and trees with a hand-held hose with a nozzle and automatic shutoff is permitted on any day, at any time.


The restrictions apply to all Denville Water Utility customers. The restrictions do not apply to property owners who use sources of water other than the Township’s water system (rain barrels, private wells, etc.).


Individuals violating these water restrictions may be subject to violations and penalties.


The Township of Denville sincerely appreciates your cooperation in helping to conserve water and ensure a reliable, uninterrupted water supply.