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Estimated 3rd Quarter tax Payment

 In the interim, the State has recommended that municipalities send an estimated tax bill for the 3rd quarter tax payment. The due date for the 3rd quarter tax payment is statutorily established as August 1st with a 10 day grace period without penalty (August 10th). Please note, by State law if the payment has not been received by August 10th, the interest will revert back to the August 1st due date.


Once the Township received the updated tax rate, a reconciling tax bill will be sent out for the 4th quarter 2020 tax payment as well as for the estimated 1st and 2nd quarter tax payment for 2021.  Once we receive the finalized tax rate, any necessary adjustments to your tax bill will be made to the 4th quarter 2020.


Thank you.

The Denville Tax Office