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A Message from Mayor Tom Andes -

 In speaking to the event organizers, we all encourage you to take a few minutes out of the day on Memorial Day to, in your own way, remember our nation’s service members and especially the 19 young men from Denville that made the ultimate sacrifice defending our nation’s freedoms and liberties.  May we never take these freedoms and liberties for granted. Thank God for the blessing of living in this great Country, a country where there has always been brave men and women willing to step forward to defend our country’s values of liberty and freedom whenever threatened.  Thank you to those who courageously gave their lives and to those who bravely served and may God bring all who are currently serving today safely to their families. May God bless the United States of America.

The following are some updates related to upcoming municipal services.

Please note that next week the trash and recycling pick up schedule will be modified as follows:

No Garbage Pickup on Monday

Monday’s Garbage Pickup on Tuesday

Tuesday’s Garbage Pickup on Wednesday

No Recycling on Wednesday

Recycling on Thursday (Commingled - Glass, Cans & Plastic)

Regular Thursday & Friday Garbage Pick Up

Our full Recycling Center is now open:

Thursday 8AM – 2PM

Friday 8AM -2 PM

Saturday 8 AM -12Noon

(Please bring identification demonstrating Denville residency to the recycling center. As our recycling center is one of the first in the area to re-open, ID checks will be performed).

A special thank you to Michael Andersen and the Denville Strong Team for raising money to both assist Denville-based restaurants as well as to feed Denville first responders, health care professionals and other essential front line workers. The team also was successful in recruiting volunteers to shop for local Senior Citizens. Also, a sincere thanks to Susan Banks and Robin Gershaw who organized Denville Cut and Sew. Their team of over 100 volunteers sewed over 16,000 mask for local hospital staff, Police Officers, Fire and First Aid responders and Nursing Homes employees and residents.

Please keep your eyes open for Downtown Denville as they will soon be looking to raise funds to help our local business get back up their feet. Please remember to Shop Denville whenever possible,  wear a mask in public spaces and respect social distancing standard. If we all work together, we will get through this.

Due to the unknowns of where we will be with the COVID-19 Pandemic in the next five (5) weeks, we have made the decision to postpone the July 4th Fireworks at Gardner Field. It is our hope to have a much expanded display in 2021 to celebrate our Country’s independence together.

Our Summer Recreation Programs are being reviewed and for our ability to hold them this summer.  The teen travel program has been cancelled and refunds will be processed. We hope to make a decision on the Summer Plus program in the coming two (2) weeks. Once decision is made regarding the Summer Plus program, we will place information on the Township website or you can contact Recreation Director Nick Panetta at (973) 625-8300 ext. 238. No penalty refunds are available for anyone who has pre-registered. Cooks Pond will be open starting this weekend with strict capacity limits and mandatory health and social distancing guidelines. Annual and weekly memberships are available. Please contact Mr. Panetta for additional information and pricing.

Please remember all Denville parks and facilities remain closed for any sort of active recreation, including ballfields, playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball court, picnic tables and bathrooms. The parks are open for passive recreational purposes, such as walking, hiking and fishing (with license and badge). The dog park at Veterans Memorial Park is also open.

Our Library remains closed by Executive Order of the Governor. However, the library continues to host many interactive online events..

During the Pandemic Administrator Steven Ward and I are on regular conference calls and webinars with Federal, State, County officials and agencies as well as our local hospitals and Downtown Denville. We have posted all pertinent information on the website under COVID-19.  Under the current State of Emergency, Governor Murphy has utilized his power of Executive Orders almost daily.  While using that authority, he has control and gives very little control to individual municipalities.  Mayors believe they know what is best for their town; however, due to the different characteristics of municipalities across New Jersey, the Governor is concerned that if he relinquishes control to local authorities, the inconsistencies in the application of safety standards would be detrimental. I firmly believe the Governor has the best interest of our Public Health at heart, as he should.  We do not have the answers to the detailed questions being posed about your jobs or the permissible opening dates for local businesses, as we are typically learning of the latest Executive Order at the same time the general public is learning of them. Despite, this we continue to press in weekly conference calls with the Governor’s Office to attempt to get more details we would be able to share with the public, unfortunately to no great avail.

A link to Governor Murphy’s staged re-opening plan can be found here:

Stay safe and remember to take a few minutes out to in your own way honor our heroes.

Mayor Tom Andes