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Fall Leaf and Brush Collection Information Posted 10/11/2019

The following is a detail of what residents can expect in the coming weeks as the leaves continue to fall from the trees:

1.    Denville assigns 4 employees on 2 trucks to perform leaf and brush pick-up. Leaves and brush are collected separately as they are dumped in separate locations. Therefore, if your leaves were collected and your brush was not, the brush wasn’t missed but instead is collected by a separate crew on a separate vehicle. This could occur the same day or on a different day depending upon the volume of leaves and brush in other neighborhoods.

2.    During the months of September and early-October, the leaf truck is able to perform an entire pass of the Township in a 4 to 5 day period and the truck assigned to brush collection is able to perform an entire pass of the Township in a 2 to 3 day period. Once they complete an entire pass, they start over again and perform another complete pass of the Township.

3.    In the coming weeks, when leaf collection season reaches its peak, both vehicles will be assigned to leaf collection. Based upon our experience from previous years, during the late-October to late-November, it will take both vehicles 5 - 7 days to perform a pass of the entire Township for leaves. Due to the volume of leaves left curbside during this time of year and both trucks being primarily assigned to leaf collection, a curbside collection of brush is typically only performed 1 or 2 times in the month of November.

4.    All leaves must be placed in biodegradable paper bags and brush must be tied into manageable bundles that are no more than 6’ in length. Grass clippings are not eligible for curbside pick-up.

5.    Denville Township is proud that our recycling center, located at 140 Morris Avenue, is open 7 days per week for Denville residents to drop of recyclables as well as leaves and brush. Please note that no commercial vehicles are permitted to dump recyclables, leaves or brush at the recycling center.

6.    Finally, the 4 DPW employees assigned to leaf and brush collection represents 1/8th of the entire DPW staff. Therefore, in the event of a larger public works issue, there may periodically be days when one or very rarely both of the leaf and brush trucks will not be circulating and collecting. Of course, as leaf and brush collection is a priority this time of year, we attempt to limit such disruptions in leaf and brush pick-up services.