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Public Notice

This meeting will include a public portion and official action shall be taken on the following items:  Designating the Official Newspaper; Designating 2019 Municipal Council Meeting Dates; Designating Legal Depositories for 2019; Appointing Assessment Lien Searchers for 2019; Appointing Custodian of the Recreation Department Petty Cash Fund; Authorize Tax Assessor to Enter into Tax Appeal Settlements on Behalf of the Township for 2019; Establish Interest Penalty Charges for Delinquent Taxes for 2019; Appointing of Council Liaisons; Advice and Consent for Various Mayoral Appointments; Designate Public Agency Compliance Officer for 2019; Re-appoint Certain Board of Adjustment Members; Re-appoint Municipal Clerk; Adopt 2019 Temporary Budget.  Action may be taken on other items not known at this time.