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A Message from Our Mayor

  Four of the buildings were Historical structures.  Thankfully no one was seriously injured during the blaze that took several hours to get under control.  Fire Departments from the entire County, including Denville, responded.

After speaking to Mayor Dodd of Dover office, we requested gift cards, from local places such as Sears, Target, & Walmart to help the families get back on their feet again.

Denville certainly is a wonderful and caring place in one week’s time we collected over $6,400. The Bargain Barn most generously donated $5,000 and the community donated $1,400 in gift cards.

I hand delivered them myself today with great pride of being the Mayor of a community who cares.

Thank you to Faith and Begorra, the Bargain Barn and all who so generously gave,

Tom Andes

Denville Mayor