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Odd-Even Water Restrictions

 It is extremely important that all property owners in the Township comply with these water restrictions to ensure the Township can continue to provide safe, clean and uninterrupted potable water.

Hot summer temperatures and a lack of significant rainfall during the past several weeks has resulted in a greater than normal demand for water. The increase demand commences between 4am and 5am, coinciding with when many automatic lawn sprinkler system turn-on, resulting in a sizable drop in the water levels in our municipal water tanks. The Township well houses have been unable to keep up with the demand. The well houses pump at maximum capacity continuously throughout the day to bring the water up to a safe level in the water tanks to only have the scenario repeated the following day. By comparison, during the fall, spring and winter months the well houses operate at a significantly reduced capacity in order to maintain the water tanks at normal levels.

In the event multiple pumps were to experience mechanical issues, it would create significant challenges for the Township to continue to provide potable water to its customers.

Therefore, all residents are required to comply with the following regulations:

  1. Persons or businesses having even house numbers shall be permitted outside water use on even number days and those having odd house numbers on odd days. Outdoor water usage shall include the watering of lawns, shrubs, ornamental plants, etc. as well as the washing of automobiles, trucks, ATVs, boats, etc.
  1. The restrictions shall apply to the entire Township, including properties served by private wells, but excluding properties served by another municipal water system. Properties served by another municipal water system shall be bound by restrictions imposed by their water provider.
  1. All residents and business are urged to voluntarily observe and implement indoor water conservation measures as well.

No exemptions exist for property owners who have automatic lawn sprinkler systems. Sprinkler systems are also required to observe the odd/even schedule.