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two (2) of the developers/interveners that are party to the affordable housing declaratory judgment action currently pending before the NJ Superior Court have been invited to the Council Meeting to present their proposed development plans to the Township Council and the public. All members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend. The public meeting is being scheduled in advance of the Township’s next case management conference in front of the Judge, which is scheduled for August 4, 2017.

In order to provide a bit of background to the current situation, during the past two (2) years the Township of Denville has been involved in a declaratory judgment action in which the NJ Superior Court will ultimately determine our municipality’s affordable housing obligation for the period from 2015 to 2025. As stated in previous communications with the public, the Cherry Hill-based Fair Share Housing Center is the Township’s adversary in the court proceeding with their hired expert’s affordable housing projections being nearly twenty-eight (28) times greater than the Township’s expert’s projections.

The court has directed the Township to proceed with developing reasonable plans to accommodate the affordable housing estimates presented to the court by our professional expert. To that end, the Township has been collaborating with two (2) developers/interveners, who are party to the court action and these are the developers/interveners that will be making a public presentation on July 11, 2017. The first intervener is Toll Brothers who is proposing to construct 118 town houses on Franklin Road immediately adjacent to the Rockaway Borough border. The second intervener is Glenmont Commons who is proposing to construct 65 town houses on Casterline Road immediately adjacent to the Parsippany-Troy Hills border. There are additional interveners in this court action for whom the Township has outright rejected their proposed development plans.

The Township continues to express its disdain at the fact that Denville, along with hundreds of other municipalities in the State of New Jersey are having their affordable housing obligations being established in the courts. This is clearly the result of a complete failure of our elected legislative and executive officials at the State-level in performing their statutory duties and responsibilities. Furthermore, our failure to cooperate in the process would result in our municipality being stripped of its immunity and protection from builder’s remedy lawsuits wherein the Township would loss virtually all local control of residential development activity within our community. The Township and its talented team of professionals will continue to cooperative and fight to ensure the ultimate ruling of the court will have the least negative impact on our community.