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Adopt-A-Family 2016

Adopt-A-Family 2016

What is the Adopt a Family Program?  

Denville’s “Adopt a Family” is a longstanding and popular annual program that assists Denville families and seniors experiencing financial hardship during the holidays. It is an anonymous program that matches families and/or seniors in need with individuals/companies/groups that would like to offer assistance by fulfilling “wish lists.”

Families and seniors submit wish lists to Social Services, which are then coded and distributed to our “adopters” via email. (Or regular mail if you wish.) Then the adopters shop for items based on these wish lists. The suggested monetary limit is $50 for each family member and senior. These however, are only guidelines and donors are welcome to purchase items above and beyond what is on the wish list. Gift cards for grocery stores and establishments like Wal-Mart, Target and similar stores are always a welcomed add on.

Social Services will begin sending out wish lists to “adopters” beginning on November 2. Unfortunately we don’t get wish lists returned as promptly as we’d like so please bear with us if you do not get your “family” or senior in a timely manner. We will do our best to accommodate an adopter’s preference as to the type of family or senior they’d like to adopt, but this is not always feasible and we will contact you should this occur.

We request that adopters kindly deliver their gifts to the Denville Social Services office between Tuesday, December 6th and Monday, December 19th. While you are free to wrap gifts, we ask that all gifts be placed in a black bag and clearly marked with the code number assigned to the senior/family. This allows gifts go to the correct people and ensures privacy.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Stephen Dublanica at (973) 625-8300 ext. 269 or via email at Again the link to sign up is:  Sign-up Form.

Many thanks to the generous citizens of Denville!