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Mayor's Duties


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Duties of Mayor Thomas Andes
NJ Statutes: 40:69A-40.Mayoral duties

The mayor shall:

  • Enforce the charter and ordinances of the municipality and all general laws applicable thereto;
  • Report annually to the council and to the public on the state of the municipality, and the work of the previous year; he shall also recommend to the council whatever action or programs he deems necessary for the improvement of the municipality and the welfare of its residents. He may from time to time recommend any action or programs he deems necessary or desirable for the municipality to undertake;
  • Supervise, direct and control all departments of the municipal government and shall require each department to make an annual and such other reports on its work as he may deem desirable;
  • Require such reports and examine such accounts, records and operations of any board, commission or other agency of municipal government, as he deems necessary;
  • Prepare and submit to the council for its consideration and adoption an annual operating budget and a capital budget, establish the schedules and procedures to be followed by all municipal departments, offices and agencies in connection therewith, and supervise and administer all phases of the budgetary process;
  • Supervise the care and custody of all municipal property, institutions and agencies, and make recommendations concerning the nature and location of municipal improvements and execute improvements determined by the governing body;
  • Sign all contracts, bonds or other instruments requiring the consent of the municipality;
  • Review, analyze and forecast trends of municipal services and finances and programs of all boards, commissions, agencies and other municipal bodies, and report and recommend thereon to the council;
  • Supervise the development, installation and maintenance of centralized budgeting, personnel and purchasing procedures as may be authorized by ordinance;
  • Negotiate contracts for the municipality, subject to council approval;
  • Assure that all terms and conditions imposed in favor of the municipality or its inhabitants in any statute, franchise or other contract are faithfully kept and performed;
  • Serve as an ex officio, nonvoting member of all appointive bodies in municipal government of which he is not an official voting member.

40:69A-41.Approval or veto of ordinances; attending meetings

  • (a) Ordinances adopted by the council shall be submitted to the mayor, and he shall within ten days after receiving any ordinance, either approve the ordinance by affixing his signature thereto or return it to the council by delivering it to the municipal clerk together with a statement setting forth his objections thereto or to any item or part thereof. No ordinance or any item or part thereof shall take effect without the mayor’s approval, unless the mayor fails to return an ordinance to the council within ten days after it has been present to him, or unless council upon reconsideration thereof on or after the third day following its return by the mayor shall by a vote of two-thirds of the members resolve to override the mayor’s veto.

  • (b) The mayor may attend meetings of council and may take part in discussions of council but shall have no vote except in the case of a tie on the question of filling a vacancy in the council, in which case he may cast the deciding vote.

40:69A-37.1. Mayoral control of administration

  • In any municipality adopting the mayor-council plan of government, the municipal council shall deal with employees of the department of administration and other administrative departments solely through the mayor or his designee. All contact with the employees, and all actions and communications concerning the administration of the government and the provision of municipal services shall be through the mayor or his designee, except as otherwise provided by law.

  • Nothing in this section shall be construed to prohibit the council’s inquiry into any act or problem of the administration of the municipality. Any council member may, at any time, require a report on any aspect of the government of the municipality by making a written request to the mayor. The council may, by a majority vote of the whole number of its members, require the mayor or his designee to appear before the council sitting as a committee of the whole, and to bring before the council those records and reports, and officials and employees of the municipality as the council may determine necessary to ensure clarification of the matter under study. The council may further, by a majority of the whole number of its members, designate any number of its members as an ad hoc committee to consult with the mayor or his designee to study any matter and to report to the council thereon. It is the intent of the mayor-council plan of government to confer on the council general legislative powers, and such investigative powers as are germane to the exercise of its legislative powers, but to retain for the mayor full control over the municipal administration and over the administration of municipal services.